Written for the Lion City Slam, Oct 2014. x Marylyn Tan there was a girl who responded every time to ‘kiss me.’ with ‘where?’ on the hollow of my throat. between time and space. at the mouth of the Singapore river. to this day, area around the old Singapore River mouth remains the most expensive…Read more YOU COULD TAKE A LITTLE



Written for A Minor Contradiction, Aug 2014. x Marylyn Tan first day of sexual orientation, I’m the oldest kid in the room, just like in church catechism class because my father forgot to enroll me the previous year. I wonder if we have a buddy system, and who is going to take me by the…Read more FIRST DAY OF SEXUAL ORIENTATION


Written for the Lion City Slam, Oct 2014. x Marylyn Tan You have selected 190 Dunearn Road, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School as your gameplay arena. Proceed? You are carrying: A home econs kit because the school doesn't offer Design & Technology; very badly done Chinese homework & an inflated sense of superiority about your writing.…Read more 190 DUNEARN ROAD


Written for the Lion City Slam, Oct 2014. x Marylyn Tan east chapter of iglesia ni christo means the entire aljunied district stretching all the way from eunos to geylang lorong 40. here, people watch you all the time. here a boy I used to know learnt the dual meanings of xiao di while walking…Read more SINGAPOREAN SHOTA

walk of indignation (aug + sep 2014)

the most IndigNant monthwith my powers of precognition and scheduling, it was foreseen that august and september would be a wild ride, and they were. I've already had my first foray into what I saw as an Official Queer Event in Singapore - the colourful and aggressively-publicised Pink Dot - in june, but nobody! bothered! to…Read more walk of indignation (aug + sep 2014)