this is what counts
as broad daylight
t f does niceness
count for

hard water
and the cold
steal all flavour
out your mouth

I like it
but I don’t like it
that much don’t
picture my body
don’t trivial
pursue my mind
I’m lying if I say
I’m lying with her
the biblical

you can plunge
a toilet and you
can plunge a

your star sign insecurity
making you wish you
were some other twins
you imagine power in being
it’s a fiction
only fickle
the goddess
complex makes me
wear jersey gowns and
stand up

it is in your best
interests to find
a way to be very
tender between
your ear and
sideburn a sunway
lagoon like a punch
drunk plunge drop
pussy pop acid reflux
zero gravity bonkers
that’s what
is like

the security men are
always yelling and
suspicious turning heads
to see your face trying to
bar you from
entry making up
exclusive membership
in their heads and their
hands you’re gonna want
to hold on to that get
out of jail free card
son you’re gonna want
to stop yelling in the
grocery store you’re gonna
want to hold on to that ego,
maniac. I have too
much empathy for puffed-
up nylon uniforms and
bruised pride I smile with
no teeth at all I always
walk away,
saying (.) it’s a perfect
metaphor for the g a y
you one look at my face
pulling the barrier shut
I don’t recognise you
I don’t recognise you,
str8boi, you’re
making a lot of

and we’re all angry b/c we’re
heartbroken, b/c we’ve had
to yell out what we are like a
ritual that’s still humiliation,
a lifetime of being disbelieved,
a place where people hire an
immigrant to specialise in colonial
restoration to former

to do magic,
piss on your own hand
lips agape but not eros
a palm between your thighs
as you sigh on the sink
make a face that represents
your wannabe status
wash your hands in
exactly the right
water no one can
tell you what
the right
way is

I hate when you
suck at conveying
emotion in lyrics
through the flawed use
of punctuation

let us frame our failed psychometrics tests and celebrate our deserving to be here / I promise / I’m going to stop being gutted / and bulldoze on ahead / china shop shard / porcelain teeth


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