morningpage.08 (cunts, banana violin, insomnia)

who reads every word any more ? the cards said, don't let yr cups spill over. I saw a man with an electric banana violin amped up the sadness a single string sighing over the sound of negotiation stole my heart in a hawaiian shirt the buskers here are fanged with talents can you imagine once…Read more morningpage.08 (cunts, banana violin, insomnia)


morningpage.07 (harry potter, spinal column, tinfoil, snoring)

I am learning / to flick a knife open with / one hand I am holding / my breath / for no reason until I calm / all the halfway down I am content / sharing this burrito / with you I cannot take / this much / bliss with me / into the tomb…Read more morningpage.07 (harry potter, spinal column, tinfoil, snoring)

morningpage.06 (cockatrices, hurt, why is the measure of love loss)

yes, I am heavy-handed with / the garlic / with my lovers' eyes / the finicky chicken claw caress that comes with not knowing / how to relax into one's own being -- I mated thrice with a cockatrice / all gamble / no artifice / a comb of eggs hidden under the flap of…Read more morningpage.06 (cockatrices, hurt, why is the measure of love loss)

MRT BORING MACHINE: tunnel vision

first published here, still relevant 9 months later you were sure one of us would get bored, because love is an underground tunnel, the train malfunctions we call communication just proof that affection permits one to overlook mistranslation. the eternal question: why I didn’t respond to your letter, their missives, any sort of correspondence that…Read more MRT BORING MACHINE: tunnel vision

morningpage.05 (tenga egg cell, pcos, azngrrls)

conventionalised caramels. a balding woman. a balding man. your lover not so much bursting through double metal doors as careening slightly. the airport pulling on your eyebags. sick-footed triumph. you're not as young as you used to be. you waited for a long time and you thought it meant something no one told you that all…Read more morningpage.05 (tenga egg cell, pcos, azngrrls)

morningpage.04 (chaos, lesbians, advice to the self, quotidian, feminisms)

I'm too damn cheap to burn bedsheets or bridges I take my chances with cuffed fists say they're leaving and majestic seeping train tunnels looking like I'm ragging on the genitals of people I hate it's just that the cunt colouring book reminded me of you so much and you should probably go get that checked…Read more morningpage.04 (chaos, lesbians, advice to the self, quotidian, feminisms)

morningpage.03 (boringnesses, illiteracy, predatory people, necromancy)

today I am thinking about what it is like to be a hard-up stand-up about whether people from hawaii really do speak slower because they are laid-back no one wants to be a caricature imagine me, coarse hands and a bubble butt, imagine being able to skateboard perfectly and using it as leverage or a substitute for…Read more morningpage.03 (boringnesses, illiteracy, predatory people, necromancy)