morningpage.12 (bonsai gardens, refrigerator, homeopathic remedies)

context: play this game / with your you-self / when it's late and inappropriate. promise yourself you won't forget / what it means to be beholden to someone. it's not a lie if you believe it yourself. the thing about this world is she says the sad fact of the matter is no one owes you…Read more morningpage.12 (bonsai gardens, refrigerator, homeopathic remedies)


morningpage.11 (whiteboards, made up snack packaging, impostor syndrome, bleach times)

Amanda F. Palmer and the Art of Being Seen on thoroughly parsing eye contact 'i like everything you are saying with this look you are making me  nervous' - found on the underground whiteboards, 26th november 2016: my heart is at ease knowing that which was meant for me will never escape me and that which…Read more morningpage.11 (whiteboards, made up snack packaging, impostor syndrome, bleach times)

morningpage.10 (mantises, horoscopes, futility, psychic ability)

别藐视务实的重要性 // do not underestimate the regulations of a reality if you are experiencing that tumultuous overturning of the soul, deep and utter revelations every fifteen minutes, a friendly reminder: you prayed for this. // thank you / for coming / I loved / having you. // why is the measure of pride possession? why…Read more morningpage.10 (mantises, horoscopes, futility, psychic ability)

morningpage.05 (tenga egg cell, pcos, azngrrls)

conventionalised caramels. a balding woman. a balding man. your lover not so much bursting through double metal doors as careening slightly. the airport pulling on your eyebags. sick-footed triumph. you're not as young as you used to be. you waited for a long time and you thought it meant something no one told you that all…Read more morningpage.05 (tenga egg cell, pcos, azngrrls)

morningpage.03 (boringnesses, illiteracy, predatory people, necromancy)

today I am thinking about what it is like to be a hard-up stand-up about whether people from hawaii really do speak slower because they are laid-back no one wants to be a caricature imagine me, coarse hands and a bubble butt, imagine being able to skateboard perfectly and using it as leverage or a substitute for…Read more morningpage.03 (boringnesses, illiteracy, predatory people, necromancy)


Written for A Minor Contradiction, Aug 2014. x Marylyn Tan first day of sexual orientation, I’m the oldest kid in the room, just like in church catechism class because my father forgot to enroll me the previous year. I wonder if we have a buddy system, and who is going to take me by the…Read more FIRST DAY OF SEXUAL ORIENTATION

walk of indignation (aug + sep 2014)

the most IndigNant monthwith my powers of precognition and scheduling, it was foreseen that august and september would be a wild ride, and they were. I've already had my first foray into what I saw as an Official Queer Event in Singapore - the colourful and aggressively-publicised Pink Dot - in june, but nobody! bothered! to…Read more walk of indignation (aug + sep 2014)