morningpage.13 (security, hard water, acid reflux)

this is what counts as broad daylight t f does niceness count for hard water and the cold steal all flavour out your mouth I like it but I don't like it that much don't picture my body don't trivial pursue my mind I'm lying if I say I'm lying with her between the biblical lines you…Read more morningpage.13 (security, hard water, acid reflux)


morningpage.09 (mussels, karaoke, bathtime struggles)

1.  α today we are talking about how your ring's torn my finger up / for a year and a half now / and that cute hat / and the scarf / anything that is amenable / to having holes in it really / whistling past the aorta / ventricle dreaming / musclebound memoriam /…Read more morningpage.09 (mussels, karaoke, bathtime struggles)

morningpage.07 (harry potter, spinal column, tinfoil, snoring)

I am learning / to flick a knife open with / one hand I am holding / my breath / for no reason until I calm / all the halfway down I am content / sharing this burrito / with you I cannot take / this much / bliss with me / into the tomb…Read more morningpage.07 (harry potter, spinal column, tinfoil, snoring)

morningpage.04 (chaos, lesbians, advice to the self, quotidian, feminisms)

I'm too damn cheap to burn bedsheets or bridges I take my chances with cuffed fists say they're leaving and majestic seeping train tunnels looking like I'm ragging on the genitals of people I hate it's just that the cunt colouring book reminded me of you so much and you should probably go get that checked…Read more morningpage.04 (chaos, lesbians, advice to the self, quotidian, feminisms)


Written for A Minor Contradiction, Aug 2014. x Marylyn Tan first day of sexual orientation, I’m the oldest kid in the room, just like in church catechism class because my father forgot to enroll me the previous year. I wonder if we have a buddy system, and who is going to take me by the…Read more FIRST DAY OF SEXUAL ORIENTATION

walk of indignation (aug + sep 2014)

the most IndigNant monthwith my powers of precognition and scheduling, it was foreseen that august and september would be a wild ride, and they were. I've already had my first foray into what I saw as an Official Queer Event in Singapore - the colourful and aggressively-publicised Pink Dot - in june, but nobody! bothered! to…Read more walk of indignation (aug + sep 2014)