morningpage.13 (security, hard water, acid reflux)

this is what counts as broad daylight t f does niceness count for hard water and the cold steal all flavour out your mouth I like it but I don't like it that much don't picture my body don't trivial pursue my mind I'm lying if I say I'm lying with her between the biblical lines you…Read more morningpage.13 (security, hard water, acid reflux)


anxiousnessless: a pastiche to anne boyer’s Not Writing

When I am trying to write about HEX ED and BAD GIRLS and SCATOLOGICAL QUEERNESS, I am not writing. I am not writing short stories about aquariums or normalising queer sex scenes. I am not writing stories that are set in Singapore but defy the conventions and mundane associations that Singaporean fiction carries. I am…Read more anxiousnessless: a pastiche to anne boyer’s Not Writing


Written for A Minor Contradiction, Aug 2014. x Marylyn Tan first day of sexual orientation, I’m the oldest kid in the room, just like in church catechism class because my father forgot to enroll me the previous year. I wonder if we have a buddy system, and who is going to take me by the…Read more FIRST DAY OF SEXUAL ORIENTATION

walk of indignation (aug + sep 2014)

the most IndigNant monthwith my powers of precognition and scheduling, it was foreseen that august and september would be a wild ride, and they were. I've already had my first foray into what I saw as an Official Queer Event in Singapore - the colourful and aggressively-publicised Pink Dot - in june, but nobody! bothered! to…Read more walk of indignation (aug + sep 2014)