warning: may be nsfw.

SG50 Shades of Red, or Daddy Issues – opening for Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye, archived as part of the repository.

WOMEN FOR THE RECORD #28 // “Daddy Issues” by Marylyn Tan. Also known as SG50 Shades of Red.

Things That Don’t Exist – The Fresh Slam, January 2015

Things That Don’t Exist. Bisexual grievances and tooth fairies. 

13 Ways To Survive The Apocalypse (Group Piece)
Part of a show I did as part of spoken word troupe Party Action People for a show called EleMental, a commissioned spoken word performance for ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,’ part of The Henderson Project. Organised by Dream Academy.

My friend, artist and poet Paul Pereira interviews me for his project, Creatrix Magazine.

SPEAK x Marylyn Tan – Featured Poet, Oct 2014. Be warned! Or delighted, depending on how much you like being a captive audience – this is 27 minutes long.

First Day of Sexual Orientation and Chopsticks – A Minor Contradiction, August 2014. The close of IndigNation SG.

Nasi Kang Kang – The Fresh Slam, January 2015

Nasi Kang Kang – The Culinary Slam, July 2014

Chopsticks – The Culinary Slam, July 2014

to all the poets I am secretly in love with – The Anti-Slam, April 2014
the first piece I ever wrote for spoken word.


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